Geotechnical testing – 16 to 30 April 2014 (night time work)

Posted 15 April 2014

An important part of developing the design for light rail is to conduct survey work and test rock and soil samples along the proposed alignment.

These investigations into the geology of the area will assist in the proposed design and construction of the project.

The testing is not expected to involve a high level of noise or disruption but you may experience some minor changes to traffic conditions while the work is being undertaken.

Transport for NSW will carry out the works at night time between 7pm and 5am at the following locations along Anzac Parade in Kensington and Kingsford:

  • southbound lane near corner High Street
  • southbound lane near Barker Street intersection
  • southbound lane near corner Middle Street
  • southbound lane near Tay Lane
  • southbound lane between Carlton Street and Goodwood Street intersection
  • within the central median between Goodwood Street and Ascot Street
  • within the central median near Todman Avenue intersection

This work will be undertaken over five nights:

  • Wednesday 16 April
  • Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 23 April
  • Tuesday 29 to Wednesday 30 April

When the work has been completed the crew will restore the area to allow for traffic and pedestrian movements.

All work will be done under traffic management and roads will be reopened by 5am.

The work will mostly involve light drilling using equipment on utility vehicles or stand alone rigs, and ground acoustic testing from slow moving vehicles.

The different phases of work include:

Surveying – Crews will work along Anzac Parade to identify existing buried utilities such as water and electricity. This work is not expected to be noisy.

Field work – Crews will conduct geotechnical field work along sections of Anzac Parade to test soil and rock structures. The work will require borehole drilling.

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact to residents and businesses while work is undertaken.

If you have any urgent enquiries or complaints during these works, please contact the Transport for NSW 24-hour Construction Response Line on 1800 775 465.