Construction News

Night works in Randwick and Kensington

Throughout September and October, the CBD and South East Light Rail project will be conducting out-of-hours works near the UNSW Kensington and Randwick campuses. 

Parking Changes in Kingsford

From Friday 12 August 2016, new parking time limits take affect in the streets near Anzac Parade Kingsford.

More traffic and parking changes near UNSW from mid-August

A new Light Rail construction zone will open on Friday 19 August 2016, including more 24-hour clearways along Anzac Parade and changes to traffic conditions in side streets surrounding the Kensington campus. 

Improving Pedestrian and Bike Safety in Randwick

During July, improvements have been made to pedestrian and bike safety in Randwick.

Light Rail Night Work in Randwick from Sunday 10 July

From Sunday 10 July, night work will be taking place in Randwick for the Light Rail.

Anzac Parade Light Rail diversions open throughout July

From July, a temporary six-lane road and dedicated cycle/pedestrian path adjacent to a section of Anzac Parade will be used by all types of traffic while a light rail tunnel is being built in Moore Park. 

Western Campus Car Park Changes

From Monday 30 May 2016, Transport for NSW will temporarily occupy about 50 spaces in the Western Campus carpark, as part of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project construction works.  

Important traffic changes from Sunday 1 May 2016

As part of the South East Light Rail project, important changes to vehicle and bicycle routes are taking place that may impact the way you travel and the length of your journey to and from UNSW. 



ANZAC parade diversions for light rail tunnel construction

From April, ALTRAC will start construction of a temporary six-lane roadway adjacent to Anzac Parade (between Lang Road and the Albert Tibby Cotter Bridge), to enable the light rail tunnel to be built across Anzac parade at Moore Park. 

Construction is now underway in Randwick

ALTRAC Light Rail has now started work in Randwick on Alison Road - Anzac Road to Wansey Road. Construction is now underway, with teams working to relocate telecommunications cables and build a new stormwater drain in the first stage of works in this area.