Full Light Rail Plans on Display from Today

Posted 14 November 2013

Plans for the Light Rail project went public this morning in the UNSW Library lobby and on the NSW Department of Planning’s website, and will remain there for four weeks to give people the chance to have their say.

Early construction is due to commence in 2014.  Even though most students will have completed their studies before the completion of construction six years later, your input can also ensure the impact of construction on your studies or travel to campus is minimised.

“The Light Rail project is one of the most significant pieces of infrastructure to support UNSW in its 60-plus year history,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer said.

Key subject areas we particularly invite staff and students to comment on include your safety along Anzac Parade and High Street, environmental impacts, construction impacts and keeping local neighbourhood values in mind.

The plans, contained within the Environmental Impact Statement, will be on exhibition at the library and on NSW Department of Planning’s website from 14 November to 16 December.